He knows our future…so give HIM CONTROL!

Ps 139 I KNOW all your ways. There is not a word on your tongue that I do not know, before you speak it! I hedge you in behind and before. MY HAND I HAVE LAID ON YOU…MY HAND IS ON YOUR SHOULDER! How intimately God knows all about us, all our fears, challenges and victories! He knows our future…so give HIM CONTROL!

Explore the promises of God

Explore the promises of God…the Word is full of promises for every chalenge you face. You are saved, your sins have been dealt with and God loves you more than you wil ever know! The Word is God breathed, Gods intention for us is always good: we do not understand the magnitude of Gods strength and power to help us……SO TRUST HIM!

Do not be Double Minded

James 1 6-8 As God’s children, we are urged not to be “double minded”…constantly changing our requests, we begin listening to others, and we become confused! This gives the enemy a gap to steal our confidence. Be singleminded, go forward with God, listen to His instructions.. He will protect us, strengthen us and establish us!

Commit and believe!

How often we read God’s promises, even stand on them, but we have not yet learned how to “receive” them! We must be convinced that God will do exactly what He says. He will! If God said it, its true! Take hold of it…Grasp it, … Pray it…..RECEIVE it! The enemy wil do anything to steal your miracle. Commit and believe!

God knows you by name

Do you know that God knows your name and sometimes even gives you a new name! The Lord said to Moses; I wil do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you and know you by name! How awesome is that? He also says; My love for you reaches to the heavens, My faithfulness to the skies! My angels will encamp around you and deliver you!


We so often try to manage all the challenges of life on our own, or we first go to others! There are so many passages of scripture where our Heavenly Father urges us to come to Him first. “Trust in Me with all your hart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowlege Me and I will make straight your paths!

Look up into My face, know Me and trust Me!

Even the sparrow and the swallow make a nest on My altars, blessed are those who dwell in My house. I will clothe them with grace and glory; no good thing will I withhold from them! Through your walk in life, you will encounter valleys and deserts, I will make these into springs and pools. Look up into My face, know Me and trust Me!

The Grip of God’s Grace

Do you understand what it means to be in the Grip of God’s Grace? It means He protects you, loves you…. Provides for you….. Directs you……imagine The Lion of Judah, always next to you! He fights your battles, restores your body, mind and spirit! When u place yourself under His covering you are safe and secure!