In God’s image

God made us in His own image, He put a restlesness in us to keep seeking……..until we find our Creator, and that empty space in our harts is filled! It is a super natural divine connection, both physically and spiritually! We will never be “whole” until we meet the Master and submit to HIM!

Jesus walks towards us through the storms

When Jesus walked on the water towards his disciples, he was walking on the storm that was making them fearful and anxious! We all face storms in life, but Jesus walks towards us through these storms. He has authority over every crises in your life. Focus entirely on Him and begin thanking Him for the outcome!

Stand in Grace and rejoice in Hope

Stand in Grace and rejoice in Hope! Receive the Spirit of adoption that makes God your Father. His Spirit in you, is a witness that you are His child. Nothing can separate you from the love of God in Jesus! He has made you more than a conqueror in all things……. Trust Him!

Generosity is a lifestyle

The Word says: The generous eye wil be blessed! Generosity is a lifestyle, it’s contagious and brings healthy returns! Speak generous, kind loving words…..speak into your relationships, your spouse, your children, your colleagues……. Give of yourself, your time, your resources till it hurts! Prov 11 24:25

My right arm is around you

My right arm is around you, and the light of My countenance is over you, because you are under My favour! My light and My truth bring new hope! Do not be cast down and disquieted; I am the God of your strength, and of your joy……. I love you, tap into all the resources, I long to release over you! Just come My child!

God has a purpose for your life

It’s irrelevant where your problem came from…. Others, your own actions or circumstances….God still has a purpose for your life. God’s purposes are greater than your problems and your pain. Every storm is a school, every trial a teaching curve, every experience an education! God wants to build your character and your faith!

God purposed that we would be transformed

God purposed that we would be transformed, through trials, His sustenance and His love. A butterfly struggles to get out of a cocoon, but God planned it that way. The more it struggles the stronger its wings are and the higher it will fly!! Will u allow the Master to mould, shape and mature you.

The root of the righteous yields fruit

Prov 12 The root of the righteous yields fruit…. The righteous will come through trouble….. A prudent man covers shame and heeds counsel! Truthful lips are established forever, counselors of peace have joy. No grave trouble will overtake the righteous and those who deal truthfully are His delight!!

Live out your dream!

With Christ in you, you are blessed to prosper in the things of God and in His purpose for you. You are here to make a difference to those around you. All the resources of God are at your disposal. God chose you and called you, how awesome is that! Live out your dream!