Rest in Me my precious child

Rest in Me my precious child…… My Grace is sufficient for you……. I have given you th choice to make decisions….. some by your heart, some by your desires and some by your will……. I do not always intervene, but no matter what…… I will be with you always…… always.!!! Do not fret so….. prayerfully discern… and then trust in youself and in Me!!

Do not forsake wisdom

Proverbs 4:6-7 Do not forsake wisdom, She wil protect you, love you and watch over you! Wisdom is supreme; though it costs all you have, get understanding! Listen My child….. Accept what I say….. The years of your life will be many and I will guide and lead u along straight paths. Your steps wil not be hampered, when you run..YOU SHALL NOT FALL!

Listen closely to Gods guidance

Prov 4 Listen closely to Gods guidance; keep His words in your sight and in your hart, they are life to those who find them…. and health to your body! Above all else guard your heart….. For it is the wellspring of your life! ( in any crisis…. Turn first to your Father, listen and wait for His answer, then do it!!

Shock Absorbers

Boeing a believer or not… Suffering in different forms comes to all of us. Jesus expects us to be comforters.. “Shock Absorbers”.. to help lighten the burden of others and bring God’s truth to them. “Show up”… you don’t have to say much.. encourage and help with practical things. God can turn trials into triumphs!