Never give up

NEVER GIVE UP! God want to foster a spirit of “expectation” in us. He is a God of “more than enough”! God helps us to move from faith to faith…..He considers our faith precious! Don’t let the past trap you, or feel that you don’t deserve Gods favor! He wants us to thrive, not merely survive!

Always turn to Him first

We do not have to perform or try to impress or please God, before He reaches out to help us! Trust that He exists, watchful of all our needs and ready to help, comfort, guide and deal with our problems. Flowers automatically turn towards the sun, knowing where there strength comes from! Always turn to Him first!

Do not drag yesterdays negativity into today

Do not drag yesterdays negativity into today! It wil affect your attitude towards others and weigh your spirit down! God never stops speaking to you, learn how to listen, be quiet! As you walk with Him daily, there will always be a “pointer” an inner conviction! “You are young and useful at any age, if you are still planning a tomorrow”

Do not forsake wisdom

Prov 4:6-7 Do not forsake wisdom, She will protect you, love you and watch over you!  Wisdom is supreme; though it costs all you have, get understanding! Listen My child….. accept what I say….. The years of your life wil be many and I will guide and lead you along straight paths. Your steps will not be hampered, when you run, YOU SHALL NOT FALL

Sharing Jesus

Life is so fast today, we don’t see behind the masks those around us wear. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern! There are so many broken people; dysfunctional homes, insecure colleagues…Lonely or sick folks!  Will you touch someones life today with a hug, a few words of encouragment, just listening…. sharing Jesus?

God puts a purpose in your hart

If God puts a purpose in your hart, He will make you restless till you do it!  He makes provision for a vision! He empowers the mandate He has given you in unique ways……finance, super natural divine connections and His knowledge!  Become a recipient of all God wants to give you.

Guard your mouth

Guard your mouth.  Speak carefully, realizing that words have the power to wound and to cause division and strife. Use words to bless, encourage and bring life to others. Words can bring devastation in relationships and cannot be retracted.  Humble yourself before God and He will give you grace!

God always has the last word, trust Him

Ps 118:8-9 Rather trust in the Lord, than in men. In any situation, dig deep into your faith!  Discern….. Hear what others say, but always weigh it against Gods Word. This brings barriers down in your thought world, often even against professionals! God always has the last word, trust Him!

You can be that sweet aroma

When we give ourselves to God,  His Word should settle in our hearts!  It should influence our speech and control our conduct and actions. This releases divine grace, forgiveness, and kindness into our daily lives  and into  our relationships!  You can be that sweet aroma!!