Wisdom comes by revelation from God

Wisdom comes by revelation from God, and you need to constantly seek it. God has blessed you with that which u need to fulfil your purpose. You may have a unique, brilliant insight in your career which could help others; possibly the finances to further kingdom work, or maybe just a heart for the tired and the broken, use your gift!

Rely on the promises of God

During times of spiritual dryness  (which we all go through), patiently rely on the promises of God and not your own emotions. He is taking you to a deeper level of maturity. Your circumstances don’t change the character of God; His Grace is still in full force for you!  Even when nothing makes sense, trust Him implicitly!

The best expression of Love is Time

The best expression of “LOVE” is ” TIME”! Show your love through focused attention and actions.  People need to feel valued by you! Time starved relationships wither and fade!  Families even fracture….! Your greatest asset is  “time” use it as God intended you to!

Trust Me in your situation

Why are you not trusting Me in your situation! I know the end from the beginning, I know what the future holds for you, I know everything about you. Rest in Me, recall what I have done for you over the years and stand on My promises! I am with you always!!